Listen to the poem “David Robbins is…” here or read below:

David Robbins is…

White male


Middle class warrior

Settler, uninvited, loves

This Algonquin land; seeks

To decolonize his mind and community


Sweet enough,

Smiles too easily despite himself,


Secure at times:



Seeks revenge and other happiness –

And remembrance of

our better ways –

And all the weapons and all the tools :


To shadowforge a future



Thanks for stopping by.

My name is David Robbins and I live in Aylmer, QC, and work in Ottawa, ON. I’m a settler (uninvited, though I love this Algonquin land).

I’ve been writing poems and stories all my life and now write for a living in paid communications work. For fun, I write about digital strategies for nonprofit organizations, including critical perspectives on content marketing, digital learning and content strategy. I grew up analogue and now work in digital – I understand the challenges our groups face in navigating these swirling and shiny digital waters.

My professional background is steeped in communications, education, community outreach and campaigning on social and environmental issues. I’ve worked for over 25 years in and around social mission organizations, from environmental groups to student groups to unions, working as an organizer, educator and communicator.  My recent work has focused on content strategy and pedagogical digital strategies for the labour movement. Currently, I work in communications for a public sector union.

My academic background is in English literature, with a BA from the University of Toronto, and I have a certificate in Online Learning Design and Development from Algonquin College.

I’m passionate about helping organizations grow into the digital age and figure out how they can become digital storytellers and teachers in their own right – beyond social media. In all my work, I explore the implications of the new digital reality for organizations, movements and change.

I advocate the informed embrace of digital technologies and consider it Mission Critical for our organizations to build in-house digital capacity to strengthen themselves as content producers and tell their story.

Thank you for reading.

David Robbins