Advice to no-one in particular

Communicate clearly

Make decisions

Plan collaboratively

Facilitate peoples’ success

Hold space for peoples’ talents, interests and passions

Let people do what they’re good at

Let people do their jobs

Let people develop their own relationships

Co-define the work, the priorities and the goals

Share the thinking

Advocate for training, skills and capacity

Be a colleague

Be a leader

Protect people from abusive management

Act in good faith

Reward initiative

Be honest with yourself and others

Stop moving the goalposts

Stop trying to control everything

Stop micromanaging

Don’t ask to be cc’d on everything

Acknowledge conflict

Admit your bias

Have uncomfortable conversations, even fights

Don’t hide behind silos

Stop being your own silo

Talk less, listen more

Be humble – no-one is as clever as they think they are

And don’t throw people under the bus to curry favour or maintain your position – that really fucking sucks, and will be your legacy.