An Invitation

Let’s co-create a community of interest to help unions and other nonprofit organizations develop online and digital learning that connects, informs and inspires.

Is your organization already incorporating things like webinars, online courses and programs? Would you like to talk about and share what you’ve learned? Or is your group exploring online and digital education possibilities and looking for examples and inspiration?

I’d like to participate in fostering the exchange of theories, practices and discussion about the growing importance of online and digital learning capacity for nonprofit organizations of all kinds. Your contributions to this discussion are most welcome.

You see, behind this website is a desire to support a community of interest around the issues that arise when it comes to online learning, digital disruption and social change.

Many of us, across our different organizations, want to better understand why and how to integrate online or digital learning into our work. We want to better understand strategies, tools and techniques – but we also want to explore the pedagogical, political and social issues that arise from engaging with digital technologies.

This is a place for all that, a vehicle to explore these questions, a forum to share experiences and a lab to tackle challenges and problems.

You’re invited to contribute in any way you see fit:

  • Share your experiences in a blog post
  • Write articles and listicles about what you have learned
  • Establish a study group around a particular topic or subject
  • Organize or participate in trainings on particular skills or tools
  • Learn how to design an online course on a WordPress LMS
  • Be a guest on or help develop the podcast
  • Share the site’s resources, blog posts and courses
  • Subscribe to the list

Whatever your interest, let’s talk.

Let’s talk about building capacity. Let’s talk about learning how to teach online and how to teach using digital tools and platforms. Let’s talk about how digital education strategies can integrate into your organization’s existing content publishing strategies.

Not least, let’s talk about digital disruption and let’s explore the challenges our groups face to stay connected and relevant with our members and our wider communities – beyond hoping for more likes and shares on social media.

Congratulations! You failed!

For me, learning about anything is messy, imperfect and dynamic. Somehow, learning how to engage with digital technologies has become a capacity that our organizations are already supposed to be perfect at doing the moment we start doing it. I defy that! I reserve the right to fail – if I don’t have the freedom to fail, I know I’m not really growing.

That’s why you’ll see this clip from Meet The Robinsons in several places on this website – to really drive home the message that our learning, about digital or anything else, is a journey and not a destination. I think our organizations need to remember this.

So let’s learn out loud together

Together, we can build a resource that unions, community organizations and other nonprofits might find super useful and relevant – if not an essential aide to their own explorations.

I hope you enjoy the resources, content and ideas expressed here. I welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions – and your participation in contributing to the site in any way you see fit.

David Robbins 


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