As metaphors go

1. None of us chanted it was a straight, sooty summer the summer we electrocuted Fort McMurray Formamurrie Former Murray that summer none of us chanted the fort the fort the fort is on fire   that summer we stopped feeling the Bern and trembled afore the trump.fern.o and cheered on first responders mobilized all hands, […]

Spacy Connect

Spacy connect. Our timorous breath   is not enough is nowhere near enough   iJibber this iJabber that The more we make contact The more contacts we make The less we ground The less we rest; Feverishly hearting all the livelong day Under all that overwire everywhere All that overwire everywhen: Less and less we […]

Life After

A Short Story By Maggie Marsden-Sparrow & David Robbins Prologue Grammy new th names of all th flowers and all th plants. She new win to pluk leevs and bury seeds and pluk seeds and bury leevs. She new win the sun would be shining best and wich plants liked to sidl up to wich. […]

Advice to no-one in particular

Communicate clearly Make decisions Plan collaboratively Facilitate peoples’ success Hold space for peoples’ talents, interests and passions Let people do what they’re good at Let people do their jobs Let people develop their own relationships Co-define the work, the priorities and the goals Share the thinking Advocate for training, skills and capacity Be a colleague […]

5 ways, 2 good tips, and 1 good reason to open the conversation about digital in your organization

Sometimes, our organizations need a little help having conversations. Especially complex conversations that have implications for the issues we work on and how we work on them – how we organize, educate and communicate, and how we work together. Digital is one of those conversations. Organizationally, it’s a whopper. Digital is reshaping the landscape – technological, economic, […]

Get clear about why your organization should open the conversation about digital

Our society is undergoing a shift to a digital infrastructure. Nonprofit organizations of all kinds need to make the shift as well. Shifts can be mindful and organic. Or they can be disruptive and damaging. They can redistribute power more equally. Or they can make power more remote and unaccountable. The shift to digital is […]

Who owns digital in our organizations?

A spectre is haunting us as we work to move our organizations into the new digital era. That spectre is a question: Who owns digital? The answer is we all do. We all own digital. Even though it seems that many of us are becoming quite established as “users” of the Internet, tablets and smartphones and so on, the […]