Nonprofits tell good stories. But are they being heard?

Sorry, big brands. Nonprofits tell the stories that tell the tale of the deeper human experience. Nonprofits are entwined with people’s struggles and triumphs. Coke just ain’t. Organizations working in community and health services, social inclusion, the arts, education; unions; groups working on environmental and other advocacy causes – these are the organizations with the […]

Tracking humans

  “Rainbows are visions But only illusions And rainbows have nothing to hide So we’ve been told And some choose to believe it I know they’re wrong, wait and see… Someday we’ll find it The rainbow connection The lovers, the dreamers, and me.” -Kermit the Frog, June 22, 1979  “A child born today will grow […]

Built for sharing

We are built for sharing and that is why we create communications tools like social media. We are built to share our lives with each other, and, for better or for worse, today’s digital communication tools enable us to “share” like never before. So, naturally, sometimes we over-share. Too much information. Too much navel-gazing. Too […]

Off-script: In-house boldness from an unlikely source

I didn’t like this lululemon ad at first. It was weird. It was harsh. It felt mean. It mocked their own customers, and did I mention mean? But once I heard the back-story of how the video got produced and released, I confess I grudgingly admired the company – for creating the conditions for bold creativity in-house. In “Shit Yogis Say”, a young […]