It doesn't take much to create organizational "socialness"

Let’s think in terms of “social organization,” not just “social media” I don’t think it takes much to create “socialness” inside our organizations. If there’s a secret to it, it’s this: err on the side of letting your people communicate, collaborate and organize themselves. Can you trust them? If you hired grown-ups, let them be […]

Whose orgs? Our orgs!

Take a minute. Clear your head. Now imagine a memo from the President’s office (if you work for, or are a member of, a union) or the Executive Director’s office (if you’re at an NGO or nonprofit). Imagine this memo invites people to re-imagine your organization as one that “doesn’t follow the flow of an […]

Building better coalitions

Building community can be a lot harder than activists want to believe. Nowhere is community trickier to forge than in a coalition of groups that have different cultures, politics and personalities. Great activism can result from coalitions that work, great disappointment from ones that don’t. I’ve participated in many different kinds of coalitions over the […]