Life After

A Short Story By Maggie Marsden-Sparrow & David Robbins Prologue Grammy new th names of all th flowers and all th plants. She new win to pluk leevs and bury seeds and pluk seeds and bury leevs. She new win the sun would be shining best and wich plants liked to sidl up to wich. […]

Introducing Derek Moore

Truly, I’ve always had a hard time talking about myself in the first person, so what follows comes as quite a shock to yours’ truly. I have found it much easier to describe what I have done or lived through as if telling a story about someone else. Talking about other people makes easy confident […]


ONE (1) WON This will help you stay calm you’re told as you’re handed small bright pills and a paper cup of water; as you’re handed the keys to the new car; the diploma or certificate; the instructions to the new appliance which tells you how to install, equip, and load.          The trouble-shooting guide […]

Chickening Out

“I’d like the veggie burger, please, with fried mushrooms.” Sarah nodded, writing on her pad. “I’d like it well-done,” Derek had to say. Sarah looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “Well-done, eh?” “Yeah. Uh, yes please.” “What for?” “What?” “Why you want it well-done?” “I like it crispy.” “It’s not a real burger.” “I […]

Jack Frost

  “Jack Frost kills your daisies and mums, your tulips and bums.” — Bob Roberts, Jack Frost Blues   Jack started calling me his “little student” shortly before he died. He was 38. I met him while doing research for my school paper about the “homeless” that choose to sleep on the street. He was […]

Direct Action Services

“Thank you for calling Direct Action Services, how may I direct your call?” “Yeah, hi, can I talk to Joe in, uh, the grassroots department?” “Would that be Grassroots Organizing, Grassroots Mobilizing or Grassroots Development?” “Uh, the grassroots department.” “Well, I’d need to know which section….Joe, you say.” “Yeah.” “I don’t think we have anyone […]

Quebec City, April 2001

A social revolution is based on social relationships I had the privilege of working for The Council of Canadians in Quebec City. The material benefits of this included the fact that the cost of my $730.00 cellphone bill was borne by my employer. The list of the phone charges in the bill is 30 pages […]