The War For Story

We live in a world where everybody has their story, and every business does too, from Fortune 500 companies to your local shops. As humans, we connect to each other through our stories. Marketers have been taking notes. The war for story is on. Not a war of stories, in the sense of “the best story wins.” A war for story – […]

Nonprofits tell good stories. But are they being heard?

Sorry, big brands. Nonprofits tell the stories that tell the tale of the deeper human experience. Nonprofits are entwined with people’s struggles and triumphs. Coke just ain’t. Organizations working in community and health services, social inclusion, the arts, education; unions; groups working on environmental and other advocacy causes – these are the organizations with the […]

Digital Disconnect

Digital Disconnect: How capitalism is turning the internet against democracy By Robert McChesney, The New Press Actually existing capitalism has created monopoly control over the Internet, just as it did when other technologies emerged in society, US media history professor Robert McChesney writes. The rise of the Internet has coincided with a spike in massive […]