Learn out loud

Sometimes the best conversation is spurred when folks take action.

And sometimes action can take the form of “learning out loud” – where people explore new concepts, capacities and skills in a spirit of openness, sharing and inclusion.

This is where we remember that learning is about development, not just outcomes. It’s about capacity, not just knowledge. It’s about process, not just product.

When we learn out loud, about digital or anything else, we can do things well, do them okay, do stuff badly – but we’re always learning.

We need this kind of open, out-loud learning today, where we encourage each other to explore, grow and change – as individuals, and as groups.

When we bring more openness, more humanity to our collective learning, we find the solutions are often simple, and actually quite accessible.

Often, they’re right at hand. From casual lunch-and-learns to regular training opportunities, workers and others can initiate supportive learning activities around digital skills and strategies that demonstrate their own capabilities and the potential uses of digital tools.

Inspiration like this can provide the catalyst for organizations to relearn how to work together, to relearn how the work can be done. It can move us into new ways to teach and grow, new ways to tell our stories and to share in their telling.

Of course, change is not always an easy road, even if the options are obvious.

Sometimes, our organizations need a little help.

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