Who is this site for?

This site is for anyone who wants to help their organization think through why and how to build digital capacity and integrate an online learning program into their content publishing and engagement strategies. It’s also for those who like to read poems.

Having an integrated digital approach can help groups put learning in the centre of what they do online. It can also spare the world from the creation of more soul-destroying e-learning that doesn’t do anyone any good.

So a key goal of this site is to help you make the case to integrate online learning into your organization’s digital strategy – and to help you make a plan that works for you.

Who are you?

  • You might be a member of a union local that wants to educate members on issues in a more flexible way
  • Or maybe you work for a union and you want to help your organization develop online learning capacity
  • You could be a community developer with a health centre and you want people  to engage more deeply with your programming
  • Maybe you’re a sexual health educator for an agency and you want to bring your workshops online
  • Or you’re a board member of a women’s shelter that wants to support board training and capacity building that responds to people’s busy schedules
  • You could be a union steward that wants to help members understand their new collective agreement or new employer policies
  • You could be a facilitator who wants to work more online
  • You could be an anti-poverty activist who wants to do community organizing, outreach and education in new ways
  • Maybe you’re a member services clerk for an environmental organization and you want to create a learning series for new members
  • Or you’re staff at a national association, or the executive director, and you need to teach around emerging issues in your sector
  • Perhaps you’re the president of a national union and you just want to understand what online learning can do for your organization – and what it can’t
  • Maybe you’re the coordinator of a coalition and you see tremendous possibilities for popularizing all the research material your members produce
  • You could be a volunteer coordinator at an arts organization and you want to bring your training programs to life online as well, or
  • Perhaps you’re an adult educator with just about any kind of organization and you’re being told to produce “online learning” and you’re wondering where to start.

Welcome here.