Why our organizations need to understand content marketing

Content marketing is the use of digital content to market something so people buy it, support it or do it.

“It” could be a product, a service, a brand, a cause or an event. It could be a politician, small business, awareness campaign, community group or major corporation.

Why should you care about content marketing? Because we are all soaking in it.

The people you want to connect with – your members, constituents, staff, volunteers – are soaking in it.

We are the little fishes swimming in a content marketing sea

For better or for worse, digital life is becoming “the world” and the way we interact with the world. Marketing’s power to shape the world and the people in this world has never been more potent.

We are shifting from the old “broadcast” model of one-to-many to a paradigm of “conversation” in a digital technology that increasingly immerses us.

While they be based on different goals, and lead to different outcomes (purchasing, supporting, doing), today’s digital pathways themselves are increasingly similar whether you’re a business or an organization.

The way we engage online, the digital content we create, the strategies we employ – all of these are increasingly shaped by the digital marketing industry, aka “content marketing”. Organizations of all kinds are, increasingly, reorienting themselves around this shininess.

It’s important that we understand this context, and its implications.

Shiny objects everywhere, shiny objects galore – influencing our expectations, our identities, our ways of listening and ways of seeing. Your members, your constituents, your potential supporters and the wider public are all influenced by this digital world, more and more with each passing day.

We are the little fishes swimming in this content marketing sea. So, if we’re soaking in something, it’s a good idea to know what exactly we’re soaking in.

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